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Accommodation of new product features

Core Service #2 of our Global EB Captive Solution.

by Allianz Global Benefits | 1 min read

We have access to a broad universe of innovative and flexible employee benefits solutions, delivered by an extensive corporate life and health network and backed by a globally respected and financially strong brand.

According to the one-stop-shop-model, our employee benefits insurance offering includes products and services for corporate life, accident, disability, health, well-being, pension and asset management, as well as the ability to accommodate new product features:

  • This means that our global solutions can pro-actively support newly emerged client needs in the employee benefits area and incorporate benefits that respond to gender, diversity and non-discrimination awareness, e.g., transgender and non-married partner coverage.
  • Furthermore, forward thinking and inclusive benefits, e.g., global standards for mental health benefits, may be implemented within the flexible local plan design.
  • Enhanced technical expertise, or rather the building of a new team of technical employee benefits experts, will enable us to provide guidance in the areas of data analysis, reporting and underwriting, e.g., on the ability to include benefits and/or remove exclusions.

More detailed information on our core service #3 will follow soon.

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