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AGB Network Health & Wellbeing Capabilities

Extended insights on Health & Wellbeing capabilities

by Allianz Global Benefits | 3 min read

During recent years, the importance of health and wellbeing capabilities offered by employers to their workforce has become even more prominent. The pandemic made it evident that flexibility and accessibility of these solutions are crucial. Consequently, companies need to invest not only into insurance plans reimbursing medical expenses, but also ensure access to prevention programs, specific condition/disease management solutions, as well as mental health support.

At AGB, we work closely with our Network Partners to ensure that a comprehensive suite of health and wellbeing solutions is accessible to our multinational clients across the globe, allowing them to take care of the employees and their families.

For increased transparency, we have extended our overview of available capabilities across the globe with the introduction of Network Partner profiles that feature their health and wellbeing solutions.

The over thirty extended profiles for select markets include consolidated information around prevention and awareness programs, specific health conditions management solutions, digital services, medical provider network highlights, among others.

We are glad to share with you this high-level overview of the health and wellbeing solutions offered by our network and hope you will find this information helpful. For further details on specific markets and solutions, please reach out to your contacts at AGB, who would be happy to share with you respective extended Network Partner profiles.

“Creating value to our clients is at the center of all activities at AGB. We believe that the key strengths and differentiators of our global Employee Benefits proposition would continue to evolve in the area of the Health offering, in particular with an innovative product and service proposition that addresses the needs of a diverse workforce, and digital solutions that allow to provide seamless access to healthcare services and prevention programs at any point of time, all acting together as a holistic ecosystem. We are fully committed to further develop our capabilities in this area to deliver excellent performance for our clients.” - Dirk Hellmuth, Chief Executive Officer, Allianz Global Benefits

“At AGB, we give a great deal of attention to the strengthening of our network and the expansion of our capabilities across the globe. We are very happy to acknowledge that also our Network Partners are investing a lot in developing their Health & Wellbeing capabilities, thus becoming front runners in certain types of solutions in specific markets. This allows us to jointly best serve our clients, allowing them to support the wellbeing of their employees.” - Mariana Ishchuk, Head of Strategy & Network Management, Allianz Global Benefits

AGB Network Health & Wellbeing Capabilities

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