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Allianz is the most popular occupation pension provider for German intermediaries

According to a survey conducted by Versicherungsjournal online, Allianz is the clear favorite provider for brokers and multiple agents when it comes to company pension schemes.

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A third (31,8%) of the over 400 independent insurance intermediaries questioned from end of March until mid of April declared Allianz as the most popular provider of occupational pensions. This is a great lead over number two, Alte Leipziger Lebensversicherung (13,8% of the votings). The following places are taken by Canada Life, Volkswohl Bund and Nürnberger. The journal states that Allianz has been standing out for their high popularity for several quarters.

Allianz Lebensversicherungs-AG, market leader for life insurance in Germany and center of competence for life within the Group, has been an important partner of the Allianz Global Benefits network for many years. As network insurer the company provides our multinational clients with the best products and solutions, both in protection and pension, in the German market. Especially in difficult times like these, their expertise, sustainability and stability is a valuable contribution to the network and to securing the future of employees globally.

You may find the complete report (in German) here:

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