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Best in class account management

Core Service #1 of our Global EB Captive Solution.

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We are a network of over 350 employee benefits specialists worldwide with profound experience and technical expertise of the business as well as a can do attitude.

A dedicated account management team is professionally managing our clients’ accounts from onboarding on local and global level to yearly stewardship meetings. Clearly defined roles and continuous interaction with our fronting partners allow for consistency in local delivery to the global captive client: Our Account Directors lead the relationship between client, broker and Allianz counterparts, supported by our Account Managers who also provide guidance to our network partners.

All good things come in threes

Passionate about getting things done, we have raised the standard to deliver a truly unique service based on a clear three step approach:

  • Detailed underwriting and pricing information for both life and health, based on a standardized procedure to collecting data and signing off rates for new business or renewals
  • Granular reinsurance certificates as proof point for the final implementation of local business and for the verification of the related cash-flows’ receival
  • Quarterly accounting with data processing and quality monitoring to ensure consistency and transparency between financial items expected (Certificates) vs. information received, including quality loops for information and details in case of mismatches

More detailed information on our core service #2 will follow soon.

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