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Ecosystem of healthcare services for employers in France

A solid network of market leading medical partners offered by our network partner Allianz Vie helps corporates to navigate through a complex health system and supports employee’s wellbeing via digitalized health services.

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The pandemic has not only shown the importance of staying safe and healthy in times of crisis, but also the importance of supporting the employee’s mental health and wellbeing via digitalized services.

Our network insurer in France, Allianz Vie, has defined prevention and wellbeing as a key element of their healthcare offering to corporate clients and has further stepped up their services this year by newly added features.

Thus, employers are given access to an ecosystem of healthcare services consisting of a solid network of market leading medical partners to ensure efficiency in healthcare management and help them navigate through the increasingly complex health care system in France after the “100% Santé” reforms.

Santéclair and Allianz Assistance

Santéclair is a network of providers that facilitates access to medical treatments while controlling associated costs and providing guidance to insured members throughout their health journey. Negotiated rates with the network result in cost containment (to the amount of 15% less) in areas such as optical, dental, hearing, hospitalization, paramedic and doctors and alternative medicine treatments.

Allianz Assistance provides health assistance services via a large number of providers across the world, including over 800,000 global medical partners, proving geographical coverage and ability to respond fast to customers’ needs.

The networks include a vast range of options to choose from, e.g.:

  • Teleconsultation and chatbots
  • Access to expert medical advice
  • 7/7 H24 online platforms and call centers
  • AI based symptom analysis (newly introduced in 2021)
  • Second medical opinions
  • Sport and nutrition coaching
  • Claims services facilitation
  • Automatic fraud detection
  • Outpatient nursing
  • Quotation checks (optical, dental, hearing and hospitalization)

Workplace Options (former Réhalto)

Workplace Options is a European pioneer for the development of workplace wellbeing and a global leader in integrated employee wellbeing solutions with a specialist network of 2000 health professionals in France and Belgium. They are focused on assisting employees with their return to good health and to work as well as to preventing stress and psychological risks. Their services extend to the following areas:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Return to work
  • Line manager coaching
  • Psychological support
  • Stress reduction
  • iConnectYou app (newly introduced in 2021)
  • Crisis management

Visible Patient (newly introduced in 2021)

Visible Patient is the first online laboratory that models organs from CT-scan or MRI to make them visible in 3D. These images can then be analyzed by healthcare professionals, qualified radiological technologists, using software developed by Visible Patient.

Association De Prévoyance Santé (ADPS)

ADPS is a program dedicated to social support that also provides a range of medical advice, e.g. a 15 min online health assessment for cardiovascular / diabetes risk (BE PATIENT initiative).

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