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Employee benefits after the pandemic - what to look out for in 2021? (3/5)

Having reached the first-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic we have noted a shift in priorities for employee benefits: The emergence of vaccines and the role of employers in vaccine education is one of the 5 top priorities for 2021.

by Charlotte Biddle | 2 min read

With multiple vaccines having been approved in the past months, more and more people around the world have been able to receive their vaccine against the COVID-19 virus. With significant regional disparities, vaccine roll-out has started on a global level with the elderly and the vulnerable and has already moved to people in professions involving an increased risk of exposure to the virus. It will soon move down to younger age groups and reach the working population.

Although there have been high take up levels amongst those who have been offered the vaccine so far, misinformation and general concerns amongst the population could still lead to people turning down the vaccine. This is a growing concern, in particular with the misinformation on social media among younger people.

Employers can play an important role in vaccine education: Regular employee communications on benefits and the provision of FAQ documents may help to promote vaccines, reassure employees as well as alleviate existing concerns among the workforce.

Vaccines against the COVID-19 virus are currently being sold by pharmaceutical companies directly to governments around the world. When the pandemic ends, employers could play a role, offering them to their employees in the same way as companies offer flu vaccines today.

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Charlotte Biddle

is Account Manager at Allianz Global Benefits in London and acts as first contact point for clients and brokers in the UK & Ireland.