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Enhanced interfaces at AGB to ensure quality and ease of use

The introduction of a unique plan data collection template for life and health and the new e-signature software for certificates are two key milestones of a broad project which was set up to achieve more efficiency in our processes.

by Allianz Global Benefits | 2 min read

With the aim to enhance the interfaces between the network’s stakeholders, Allianz Global Benefits is currently streamlining its quotation, renewal and certificate processes.

Due to the nature of our business within the insurance sector, it is necessary that we collect data and process signed reinsurance certificates on a regular basis. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority when it comes to dealing with this important service and simplicity and efficiency were the driving forces behind the two innovations introduced recently:

New e-signature software for certificates

DocuSign is the new e-signature software Allianz Global Benefits uses to send and receive signed documentation to our network insurers and clients alike. This global software is both widely available and flexible, which will make the transferal of documents more efficient and secure, and thus easing the certificate processes.

The software has been checked and signed off for data protection, information security and legal compliance and the necessary steps were taken to ensure that it is in line with Data Protection Regulations.

New plan data collection template (PDC) for life & health

The new plan data collection template is a big step towards automated data management. For the transfer of business into the captive and for renewals, it consolidates all data collection and quotation reporting documents into one consistent document (life and health).

Both innovations will improve the service quality to our clients and network insurers and create more efficiency around our quotation processing.

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