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Extensive campaign by Allianz Russia to support insureds during the COVID pandemic

Our network partner in Russia, LLC IC Allianz Life, launched a comprehensive campaign to inform and actively support their insureds during COVID quarantine and self-isolation periods.

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Strongly affected by the COVID pandemic, Russia is among the countries with the highest number of disease cases worldwide. LLC IC Allianz Life, our network partner in Russia, has taken a proactive approach to ensure the well-being of their clients while in quarantine or self-isolation. A comprehensive campaign to assist and advise their insureds during these challenging times includes a broad package of services:

Reinforced call center and hotline
The existing call centers were reinforced with additional doctors and a hotline was opened to be able to better advise insureds on COVID related issues by experienced specialists.

Expanded telemedicine consultations
Supporting the recommendations to minimize medical aid provision at clinics, telemedicine consultations were expanded in the most demanded medical areas by adding highly specialized doctors to the list of therapists and making them accessible for all insureds without exception. These include Gynecologists, Neurologists, Otorhinolaryngologists, Gastroenterologists, Dermatovenereologists, Urologist-andrologists, Traumatologists, Endocrinologists, Allergologists, Immunologists and Cardiologists.

Access to remote psychotherapist consultations
All insureds were given access to remote psychotherapist consultations. This initiative helped individuals and families to cope with mental health issues caused by pandemic-related health concerns, lockdown situations in confined spaces and general problems with the transition to remote work.

Regular webinars
The most pressing topics, including those caused by COVID, were tackled in regular webinars, organized on the Allianz Work Well platform on a monthly basis.

Updated information materials
Communication and marketing materials were developed and updated regularly to inform the insureds about the organization around treatment and testing during the quarantine period.

Communication on vaccination
The factsheet “COVID-19 Vaccines: What we know today” was created to give the insureds the latest information on vaccination against the coronavirus.

Expanded range of travel programs
Medical care arrangement under travel insurance policies was re-defined to expand COVID coverage.

Post-coronavirus program
A post-coronavirus checkup and rehabilitation program was developed for insureds in order to provide timely support for those recovered from a COVID infection.

For more information please contact Stephane Materic at or Rachid Belarbi at

Allianz Group in Russia
Allianz Group in Russia comprises: OJSC IC Allianz, LLC IC Allianz Life (life and pension insurance), CJSC Medexpress (medical insurance) as well as the clinics OJSC My Clinic and LCC Progress-Med.

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