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Health Management by Allianz Life Ins. Malaysia Berhad

Our network partner in Malaysia, Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad, provides a comprehensive bouquet of services geared at guiding plan members through minor to major health issues.

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Maintaining a healthy, engaged and productive workforce is vital for any organization to thrive. Investing in human capital, also means taking into consideration the fact that employee health levels may fluctuate. Whether it's as temporary as pregnancy, or a chronic condition or illness such as diabetes, depression, heart disease or cancer, employees that can rely on their companies for guidance and support are likely to be more engaged and loyal. Setting appropriate health condition management programs in place not only has a significantly positive impact on employees and their relationship to their employer, it also lowers costs for the organization as poorly managed conditions can lead to increased hospitalizations and emergency room visits, which are both more expensive types of care.​

Allianz Malaysia provides a comprehensive bouquet of services geared at guiding plan members through minor to major health issues. This includes value added health services such as telemedicine; long-term medication (free & regular medication delivery at members’ convenience to improve patient compliance on long term chronic conditions) and international second medical opinion (connecting insured members to the health experts that can validate treating doctor’s diagnosis & treatment, suggest alternative treatments and possibly avoid unnecessary surgery or medication); Allianz Blue Ribbon privileges for preferential room & board rates, express admission & discharge, priority lane and Allianz Care@Home service (via Speedoc) where the patients can receive medical assisted attention at their own home, specifically for medical conditions that can be monitored and supported remotely without compromising the level of care.

Complementing these services are digital solutions such as the MyAllianz app and the Vivy app: The former as one-stop platform for 24/7 self-service and paperless e-submission of claims, enquiry on policy benefits, and the latter providing educational topics with targeted content & services specific to the individual’s health journey.​

Lim Li Meng, Chief Sales Officer at Allianz Life Ins. Malaysia Berhad, states: “At Allianz Malaysia, we go above and beyond the essential coverages, to further protect the health wellbeing of clients’ employees with enhanced services. We are driven by the long-term mission to form a healthcare ecosystem that provides end-to-end care solutions."

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