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Mental Health Support by Beneva

At Beneva, our network partner in Canada, the best strategy to promote mental health starts with strengthening protective factors while reducing risk factors.

by Allianz Global Benefits | 3 min read

Investing in access to mental health support for employees enables them to live fully and contribute at their maximum ability in the workplace. As the pace of life has increased over recent decades, so has the demand of employees to deal with stress-factors such as heavy workload, long hours or workplace pressure. Particularly as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, where many employees were destabilized in both their work and personal lives, the importance of access to mental health resources became more apparent across the globe. Such levels of stress can lead to a range of mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, burnout and other conditions. Providing support as employers can take many forms, including access to virtual or on-site mental health services or digital apps, and a holistic and systemic approach can support employees in a way that avoids the risk of relapse.

At Beneva, the best strategy to promote mental health starts with strengthening protective factors while reducing risk factors. Addressing mental health improves both the sense of safety and psychological well-being of employees. It also reduces absenteeism and disability, as well as their inherent costs. Beneva’s various assistance programs include Health Support, Medical Second Opinion and Employee and Manager Assistance programs (EAP & MAP). The EAP sets itself apart through effective, timely interventions by competent counsellors - all of whom are licensed professionals - over the phone, in person or virtually. Beneva also has a national team focused on Health Culture Strategies and Solutions that can provide and Workplace Health Assessment to better understand an organization’s needs and share recommendations.

Beneva’s caring approach translates into proactive initiatives to counter this growing challenge. The insurer has recently announced a $1M contribution towards projects addressing anxiety, in partnership with various organizations. This support will, moving forward, guide the company’s social and philanthropic actions nationwide and demonstrate Beneva’s dedication to mental health and well-being of Canadians.

Valerie Fernandez, Organizational Health Senior Advisor, states: “Mental health is a society-wide concern felt in all of life’s spheres. We at Beneva believe that promoting the importance of positive mental health contributes to fighting the stigma surrounding mental health conditions. Beneva has developed unique workplace health and wellness expertise, offering evidence-based support and putting not only the physical but also the mental health of employees front and center for our clients and their employees.”

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