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Mental Health Support by Danica

Our network partner in Denmark, Danica Pension, ensures customization of physical and psychological courses of treatment for individual employees via the Step Care™ program.

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Investing in access to mental health support for employees enables them to live fully and contribute at their maximum ability in the workplace. As the pace of life has increased over recent decades, so has the demand of employees to deal with stress-factors such as heavy workload, long hours or workplace pressure. Particularly as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, where many employees were destabilized in both their work and personal lives, the importance of access to mental health resources became more apparent across the globe. Such levels of stress can lead to a range of mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, burnout and other conditions. Providing support as employers can take many forms, including access to virtual or on-site mental health services or digital apps, and a holistic and systemic approach can support employees in a way that avoids the risk of relapse.

Danica's unique Step Care™ program ensures advice and customization of physical and psychological courses of treatment for individual employees, combining the treatment provided under the health package and the health insurance with the treatment offered to an employee on long-term absence due to illness. Psychological treatment is conducted with the cross-functional support from beginning to end. The program begins when employee experiences early symptoms of stress and contacts a health expert who can assess the necessary treatment. After a few consultations, the psychologist assesses that cross-functional action is necessary to prevent a deterioration of the employee’s condition. Towards the end of the treatment program, a three-way conversation takes place with the employer, and the program closes with a plan prepared in tandem to determine suitable work assignment and responsibilities going forward. For clients, Danica provides an array of plug and play healthcare tools such as introductory video clips explaining the healthcare tools; customized personal tests to help employees determine what to focus on; training programs and advice; as well as a communication package with templates to support employers relay important healthcare information to the employees. Additionally, Danica's healthcare podcast Sunde Stemmer (in Danish only), provides good advice and additional information about the healthcare tools.

Ida Gaarde Andersen, Lead Strategy Business Partner, Health at Danica, states: “At Danica, it is our ambition to provide easy access and tailormade treatment that can be adjusted on an ongoing basis. The early action and cross-functional care help ensure holistic treatment early on to prevent the worsening of any psychological ailments."

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