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Providing for the unforeseeable: Serious illness insurance for Belgian employees by our network partner Allianz Benelux

Allianz Benelux in Belgium has stepped up their offering with Allianz Care Plan, a serious illness insurance that offers employees the financial support they need in case of critical illness.

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A serious illness is an unforeseeable event that can affect anyone at any time. In Belgium, cancer and cardiovascular diseases are the main causes of death. However, thanks to progress in medicine, the chances of surviving these illnesses have increased considerably.

Our network partner in Belgium, Allianz Benelux, has set itself the task of providing for the unforeseeable: Allianz Care Plan covers serious illness as supplement to life, death or disability coverage in occupational insurance. It offers employees the financial support they need in case of critical illness, helping them through a difficult time in their lives. The plan comes with two coverage options, cancer or cancer plus cardiovascular diseases.

In the event of a claim and after the diagnosis by a physician, Allianz pays out a fixed annuity of a maximum amount of € 10,000 per month in up to 11 monthly instalments. These may be used by insureds as they see fit, e.g. for day-to-day expenditures, family support or childcare, entertainment or travel, relaxation exercises, psychological follow-up or for every other means that facilitates a full recovery.

For employers, the occupational insurance is an easy opportunity to differentiate themselves from other companies as well as value their employees by helping them to face the challenges that life brings.

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