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Sanitas joins the Allianz Global Benefits Network

New partnership for group healthcare insurance - Expansion of distribution network in Spain - Access to a global employee benefits network

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Allianz Global Benefits, the employee benefits network of Allianz Group and Sanitas, a leading healthcare specialist in Spain, have signed a partnership agreement as of December 16, 2021 to globally provide group healthcare insurance programs to multinationals.

“We are delighted to welcome Sanitas to our network. This partnership will allow us to address the healthcare needs of multinational corporations in Spain with advanced comprehensive offering and enable the clients to gain from participating in global employee benefits programs, such as Multinational Pooling, Captive Reinsurance and Global Underwriting”, says Dirk Hellmuth, CEO of Allianz Global Benefits.

Mariana Ishchuk, Head of Strategy & Network Management at Allianz Global Benefits adds: “Sanitas is a widely recognized healthcare specialist in Spain and at the forefront of innovation and digitization. With their extensive healthcare network and flexible products combined with a high commitment to meeting specific client needs, we will be able to jointly ensure best in class propositions for our common multinational clients.”

Javier Ibáñez, Managing Director of Sanitas Seguros, states: “We are very proud of this partnership which will allow us to be the healthcare provider of reference for Allianz Global Benefits in Spain”. Additionally, Javier Ibáñez concludes: “This partnership allows us to offer solutions that cater to the health needs of the multinational companies that Allianz works with by putting at their disposal all the advantages that digitalization brings to the health care of the people and the planet.”

About Allianz Global Benefits

Allianz Global Benefits is the global employee benefits network of Allianz Group and provides employee benefit solutions to multinational corporations and global brokers at a global level. The spectrum of solutions encompasses the full range of protection, pension and asset management products and services via a global and local network of more than 110 Allianz subsidiaries and selected external insurance partners in over 90 countries. Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, it has access to a team of international experts based in regional Allianz offices in Munich, London, Chicago and Singapore.

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About Sanitas

Sanitas is a specialist in healthcare and well-being services in Spain. It offers its clients products and services adapted to people’s real needs at each stage of their lives through an integral healthcare model that includes: medical insurance, hospitals and multi-specialty centers, well-being centers, dental clinics, other health services and services for the care of the elderly.

It has 11.250 employees; it has a medical team made up of over 49.000 specialists and 4.000 associated medical centers, in addition to its own service, formed by 4 hospitals, 20 multi-specialty medical centers, 16 well-being centers, 200 dental clinics, 45 homes for the elderly, 17 of them with day center services and 5 independent day centers.

Sanitas forms part of Bupa, a leading international healthcare company, which serves over 18 million health insurance customers our of 31 million customers worldwide.

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