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Top ratings for Allianz Leben

Best scores for our network partner in Germany in several rating categories.

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Allianz Lebensversicherungs-AG, our network partner in Germany, has again received top ratings throughout several rating categories, reaffirming their outstanding results and qualitative consistency at the highest level. The rating designs include, among others, the analysis of balance sheet ratios, assessments of solvency and resistance to crisis as well as consumer evaluations. Please see the list as of December 2021 below:

Morgen&Morgen Rating LV-Unternehmen
Analysis of 9 balance sheet ratios in a longer-term context
Top rating 5 stars “substantially above average”, won for the 19th time in a row

Morgen&Morgen Belastungstest
Assessment of solvency and resistance to crisis in the future
Top rating “outstanding”, won for the 14th time in a row

Focus Money 50/2021
Ranking assessment of 3 international ratings
Awarded as the “financially strongest life insurance company in Europe”, won for the 5th time in a row

Ranking based on consumer evaluation
Top rating “very good” as only life insurance company in Germany with the highest mark

IVFP Rating Unternehmensqualität
Assessment via 24 parameters for stability, security, profitability and market success
Highest mark 1,0 “excellent”

Comparison of performance for consumers
Top rating 5 stars “substantially above average”

Ascore Scoring
Analysis of 15 corporate key figures for experience, security, success and portfolio
Top rating 6 compasses “outstanding”

Map-report 922
Balance sheet ratio based assessment with focus on financial strength and profitability
Top rating mmm+ for “excellent achievments”

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Allianz Lebensversicherungs-AG

Founded in Stuttgart in 1922, Allianz Lebensversicherungs-AG is the market leader for life insurance in Germany and offers flexible solutions for financial security in old age, in the case of occupational disability and need for long-term care as well as in the area of occupational pensions. Their high customer orientation is proved by the low lapse rate and by the responses to regular customer surveys carried out. For more information please see

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