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The wellbeing proposition offered by AIA, our group insurance partner in Asia, offers guidance and support to organizations who are seeking to nurture and improve their employees’ wellbeing.

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Developing a wellbeing proposition that is geared towards helping employees proactively increase their physical and mental health continues to be a great challenge for many organizations. Where it was once enough to provide fruit baskets in offices to promote healthier eating, the demand for holistic and far-reaching wellbeing offerings has increased in recent years, especially since the pandemic. Employees often view such benefits as a company's support in their pursuit of work-life balance and professional growth, and for prospective employees these benefits packages are telling of the company culture. A cohesive wellbeing program must encompass traditional aspects such as educational materials or vaccination campaigns but is also increasingly expected to include further aspects such as financial wellbeing.

WorkWell with AIA offers guidance and support to organizations who are seeking to nurture and improve their employees’ wellbeing. Built upon the four dimensions of “Live Well”, “Think Well”, “Plan Well” and “Feel Well”, WorkWell empowers organizations to care for every aspect of their employees’ wellbeing. Live Well focuses on physical wellness through promoting health screenings, physical activity, good nutrition, and access to quality health services throughout employees’ health and wellness journey. Think Well is centered on mental wellness through fostering awareness of employees' mental health and providing tailored solutions in the form of education, self-help tools, coaching, counselling, and access to preferred mental health providers. Plan Well targets financial wellness by improving financial literacy, providing self-help tools and solutions and if needed, access to professional help for planning and managing finances across different life stages. Feel Well focuses on social wellness by building an inclusive work environment and supportive network that fosters a sense of purpose and belonging and promotes self-esteem, self-actualization and resilience among employees.

Dr. Min Su, Director of Analytics, Digital and Wellness, states: “At AIA, we recognize that the employee benefits landscape has shifted from traditional insurance coverage to wellness-embedded employee benefits. In response, we have developed an outcome-driven corporate health and wellness program that addresses the sustainability aspect of ESG. This program is an integral part of our reimagined employee benefits strategy across all markets and serves as a roadmap on our members' journey towards total health and well-being.”

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