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Leveraging the extensive experience and depth of knowledge of the Allianz Group combined with that of our network insurers, Allianz Global Benefits provides a wide range of solutions matching the footprint and the needs of multinational clients:

Solutions provided by Allianz Global Benefits are much more than mere products and include the combination of services, a single point of contact and reporting both at local and global level.

  Group medical

The employer takes up an insurance policy where the employees receive a medical cover, in which case medical costs of the employee are paid for in part or in full.

An extensive variety of options are possible and cover:

  • in patient (hospital or similar),
  • outpatient (e.g. doctor, physiotherapy),
  • dental cover,
  • optical cover

with various levels of reimbursement limits and services or the link to the country’s social security system.

  Critical illness / dread disease coverage

In this instance, employees receive medical cover for certain types of illnesses (between 10 and 20 very serious types of sicknesses).

Options may include the number of sicknesses or the payment of benefits in various phases of the sickness' development.