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Global Pension

An innovative and integrated global pension solution for delivering local pensions.


Global Pension is the central coordination of local solutions that helps multinational companies increase governance and efficiency across defined contribution (DC) and legacy defined benefits (DB) retirement plans.

It aims to assist multinational companies deliver efficient, DC pension solutions to their employees. The service combines the expertise of Allianz Group’s global capabilities and local network partners with best-in-class global asset managers to provide a pension solution, serviced and delivered locally.

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Overcoming current obstacles

Our proposition overcomes the current obstacles to efficient defined contribution pension delivery, including:

  • Fragmentation and inefficiency
  • High cost
  • Unknown levels of risk
  • Lack of global management information
  • Poor or limited coordination
  • Little or no integration or oversight

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Global Pension with us means


Global Pension offers a flexible solution designed to meet the unique needs of multinational corporations. Key reasons to consider this proposition are:

  • Value and cost effectiveness enabled by global scale
  • Insights and intelligence delivered through comprehensive globally aggregated reporting
  • Oversight and risk reduction driven by consolidation and integration
  • Support of your pension governance strategy /guideline and central reporting

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Multinational Pooling

A risk management program that allows multinational companies to share the results of local employee benefits plans across the globe.

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Global Underwriting

A risk management program with centralized underwriting of local employee benefits plans to take advantage of global economies of scale.

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Captive Reinsurance

A risk management program that reinsures local employee benefits plans into a corporate's own captive insurer.

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