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Global Underwriting

An international risk management program to provide employee benefits solutions across borders.


An international risk transfer program with centralized underwriting of local employee benefits plans to take advantage of global economies of scale.

Local pricing is replaced by a global underwriting approach that takes into account overall claims experience, larger insured volumes and a longer term view of risk than is possible at the local level. This produces lower and more stable prices, better terms and conditions and longer rate guarantees.


Our Global Underwriting program offers

  • Central employee benefits steering for underwriting and pricing
  • Full risk transfer to the insurer
  • Centralized implementation support to ensure smooth local transitions
  • Centralized ongoing management support and transparency to optimize governance opportunities
  • Escalation option at global level

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Global Underwriting with us means for you

Designed as a top-down program with optimization of pricing and servicing it offers central employee benefits steering and many innovative features:

  • Upfront cost savings
  • Data transparency
  • Global free cover limits
  • Worldwide network coverage
  • Enhanced terms and conditions
  • Flexible implementation

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